Fine Weight: 0.9645

Gross Weight: 30g

Diameter: 40mm

Fineness: 999.9




This years 30g (0.9645 t/oz) Silver Panda Coin features an image of a reclining baby panda enjoying a shoot of bamboo and the obverse shows the 'Temple of Heaven'. This is the fifth coin produced in 30g since the Chinese Mint changed to the metric system; previously all coins were made to 1 t/oz. These coins are highly sought for by investors and collectors due to being the only coin minted by this metric as well as changing their designs annually apart from the 2001 and 2002 coins which share the same design. Stock between 2016-2020 30g Pandas available.


30g Silver Panda Coin (Rare) - Mixed Years 2016-2020